Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ruby had her first visit to the vet today. It went surprisingly well! She sat on my lap on the way and was so calm in the office. She really liked the vet, she tried to go with him when he left the room:) I was like : "Ruby, stay with mommy:)" We walked over to land of paws to see her old home and she was so excited. She was smelling everything and trying to play with all the puppies! Ruby loves other dogs which is really nice. I was hoping she would not be afraid.

She has really opened up this past week. She loves to play with the tennis ball, she jumps around to get it and it is so cute! Evan and I laugh so hard. She also loves Mr. Lion. He is her lion stuffed animal. She loves to chew on his head, true love!

She had her first bath last night! It went ok, she was scared but was so good with it. Yesterday was the first day Evan and I both worked and Ruby was in her crate for most the day. She thought that was stupid and pooped everywhere. So, it was bath time! Her hair is so thick and fluffy we have to blow dry her:)

She is laying on the rug passed out after her big morning. I think we might try to take a walk later...she is still not sure about this leash thing:)

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Miss Ruby Wright
We first met Ruby this past Saturday. Evan and I went to Dunkin Donuts for our morning coffee and for our favorite Butternut donuts:) After breakfast I asked Evan if we could go to the puppy store. I love going to Land of Paws and the past few years I have gone pretty frequently to look for Wheaten Terriers. None had captured my heart before. We walked in and they magically had three wheatens! The usually don't have any! I was particularly intrigued by one of them. There were two brand new puppies and one that was 12 weeks. We got her out to hold and I immediately fell in love. We stayed for a long time, holding her and talking and asking questions and talking, asking more questions....
That night we went home and I could not stop thinking about her. I couldn't sleep I was so excited. The next day we decided to go back and see her! Evan tells me that he knew it was a lost cause when we went back to visit. She would be ours!

We didn't bring Ruby home right away. We wanted to wait until I was done with my three long shifts for the week and we could be home with her all day. I went to visit her before work on Monday :)
When we first brought her home she was so nervous. Jessica at Land of Paws bathed Ruby and blow dried her hair. She was not a big fan I guess:) They put a cute bandanna on her!
This is us smitten on Sunday:)

My fluffy baby!

We brought her home last night and so far it has gone pretty well. Ruby is pretty slow to warm up, right now she is sleeping on our rug between our couch and the coffee table. She likes to be wedged between them, I think she feels safer. She slept all night but left me a sweet surprise in her kennel this morning. She did not want to come out of her kennel:) I feel like it is usually the opposite...she wanted to go in and did not want to come out. Hopefully after a few days she will warm up and trust us.
We took her outside for the first time today. She was not sure what to think. It was raining and she just wanted to explore the whole backyard. We did not accomplish the peeing thing outside...maybe another time:)
We will keep you all posted on our new baby! She is so sweet and beautiful.

Monday, November 22, 2010


So I have been thoroughly enjoying pumpkin spice lattes from panera, white chocolate mochas from the bucks, bits of Christmas music (I have to sneak it, Evan is an after Thanksgiving kind of man:), snowflake pancakes and my new project: Stockings! I decided to make Evan and I stockings this year! I think it will be a Christmas tradition. (Evan's is still in progress:)
Levi came over this weekend and we had a game/movie/fondue night!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Better Together

Happy year and a half babe! You are the best! I love being married to you! Here's to forever together!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Our blog needs an update of some sort I realized and since I'm not very good at the "day in the life" or cute picture updates, I'm going to do a tribute. Earlier this week I happened to be driving in my car at 8 o'clock and so I turned on Adventures in Odyssey and had a listen. This morning while cleaning I put on some old favorites (songs that is) from Five Iron Frenzy. This got me thinking about these two staples of my growing up years and I realized that both of these unassuming media constructs have had lasting affects on my world view. Other than my parents, I can't think of any other person, group or event that has shaped my view of the world, of God and my values more than Odyssey and Five Iron. So...

here's to you Odyssey...

I listened to your stories every night for as long as I can remember until I was 18 years old. You taught me that if something seems to good to be true then examine it critically, because there's a good chance it is. You taught me to try being friends with everyone, whether they seem odd or are annoying; you also taught me to look past those exterior qualities and look for who the person really is. Finally, you taught me that old things are full of stories and those stories are full of wisdom. Cheers to you Odyssey!

here's to you 5Fe...

Your music was my first choice during high school. Though you may be known for songs like "Kingdom of the Dinosaurs," "Combat Chuck" and the pants songs, I remember sobbing to "On Distant Shores" as I felt a sample of how deep and unconditional God's love is for me. You inspired me toward reaching a lost world in "Where Zero meets 15." You showed me how God delights in even our most feable or misguided attempts to show love in "Dandelions." You taught me about the difference between Christ's love and man-made religion with songs like the "Old West" and "Beautiful America." You taught me about justice with songs like "The Day We Killed." You taught me that God always seeks me out whether I'm running away, standing still or coming to Him through "Everywhere I Go" and "On Distant Shores." You showed me how big God's mercy and grace are and how reckless with "Every New Day." And finally, you showed me that a deep connection with God through worship can occur simultaneously with laughter.

I hope you enjoyed my nostalgic look back. Check out some Adventures in Odyssey or some five iron if you're not busy.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

I am sitting at our kitchen table listening to music while my coffee cake is in the oven. Something you might not know about me: I love sour cream.
So much that Evan and I buy the giant tub from costco. It is 3lbs.
Today I decided to make something with that sour cream and Julie's coffee cake came to mind:)
Our house embracing Spring! See my pretty peonies?

My favorite flower!
Our hallway and the cross wall I am working on.

My cute curtains.
Kristen Brown helped me shorten the ones over the counter. :)

The front of our house. Evan and I planted inpatients around the tree and planted flowers in the pots on the porch. I did not realize how much I love flowers and gardening until we bought a house. And now I think about it all the time. I am learning names of flowers and when to plant certain flowers...I am loving it:)

Jesus Lord of heaven, I do not deserve
the grace that you have given, or the promise of Your word
Lord I stand in wonder, at the sacrifice You made
With Mercy beyond measure, my debt You freely paid
Your love is deeper, than any ocean
higher than the heavens, reaches
beyond the stars in the sky
Your love is deep, your love is wide,
your love is great
your love is high
your love is all we ever need
Jesus Your love has no bounds
-Phil Wickham


Our finished product!
The beautiful bookshelf I searched for everywhere!

The lamp post painting!

The lamp pre painting!

The reason we bought this house: peonies!